SJB MPs wear ‘Stop Violance Against Women’ stickers in Parliament Chamber

The SJB MPs today (25) arrived in Parliament Chamber wearing orange coloured handbands and stickes that said ‘Stop Violance Against Women,’ to mark the international day for the elimination of violance against women and to protest against SLPP MP Janaka Tissakuttiarachchi’s verbal sexual assault in Parliament Chamber on 20 November.

Tissakuttiarachchi used indirect sexual slurs against SJB MP Rohini Wijeratne and Opposition Leader’s wife Jalani Premadasa in Parliament on 20 November.

Although, the Speaker warned Tissakuttiarachchi not to repeat such sexually derogatory remarks in Chamber ever, the MP refused to apologize saying that he just used names of vegetables and does not understand how it can be a verbal sexual assault against women.

The SJB MPs today requested the Speaker to take an action against Tissakuttiarachchi’s conduct in the Chamber.

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