CAP Ceylon rises to greater heights

CAP Ceylon, who entered the market in 2019, opened its modern juice processing plant in Thanamalwila amidst a distinguished gathering of government and private sector officials.

They launched operations in 2019 with an innovative bunch of products, churned from Soursop labelled as the Jungles Miracle cure which is a non-traditional export crop from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s export of food and beverages is a significant source of FOREX to the country. CAP is a promising new player with the export of value-added organic preservative-free juices contributing to the sphere.

Chief Guest, at the opening Chairman of the Export Development Board (EDB) Mr Suresh D De Mel emphasized the necessity for entrepreneurs to follow their natural instincts and character and take on projects of this nature, despite the challenges that now exist.

With regard to this project, he was delighted to see the development of a company that did not just export fruit and vegetables but advanced to add value which is of utmost importance at this juncture.

He also encouraged other exporters and entrepreneurs to explore similar possibilities in order to make their operations more feasible.

As the guest of honour, Ms Marie Antonia von Schönburg, Head of Commercial / Chief Delegate of the German Embassy commended the company on its progress and assured them of the fullest cooperation to venture into the European markets.

She also mentioned that she was happy to note that CAP Ceylon was to participate in the International Green Week in Berlin and looked forward to welcoming them to the program.

Special guest Mr Veugelers mentioned how he met Ranjan and was impressed by his determination and focus. He also outlined the benefits of encouraging business owners to pursue value-added export items, which will be crucial during these challenging times for the Balance of Payments.

With the opening of the new factory, they will be a fully certified exporter, with a capacity to produce emote than 15,000 bottles per day and plan to bring in as many as 76 new fruit and vegetable-based products to the market shortly. This will create employment, provide better lifestyles for farmers and generate the much-needed FOREX for the country.

Besides Soursop, CAP has produced a Waraka (Rippen Jack) drink probably the first in the world and growing in demand. Other Juices turned out are Alovera, Passion Fruit, Orange, Wood apple, Watermelon and King coconut water. Their most recent innovation is the Canned King Coconut water blended with flavours of Pineapple and Soursop

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