PM denies Western countries brand Chin’s BRI a debt trap

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena emphasizes that China is committed to its own development trajectory and assisting other nations in creating their own success stories, despite continued criticism from Western countries branding the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as a “debt trap.”

During a discussion with CGTN news agency, the Prime Minister affirms that China has effectively demonstrated its ability to overcome various developmental challenges, proving to the world that solutions are attainable.

Furthermore, Gunawardena acknowledges China’s substantial contribution to global economic growth, asserting that the BRI has laid a solid foundation for the lives of billions of individuals worldwide.

When asked about the allegations made by Western countries that China employs debt to gain influence, Gunawardena acknowledges that this debate has persisted over the years. Nevertheless, he acknowledges China’s indisputable economic might as a powerful nation that no country can disregard in today’s world.

Highlighting China’s investments even in the United States, the Sri Lankan Prime Minister emphasizes the significant role of the Belt and Road development plan in fostering new economic growth across Asia.

Gunawardena lauds China’s ability to tackle prevailing global issues such as poverty eradication, citing the remarkable upliftment of millions of Chinese citizens from poverty in recent years. He characterizes this achievement as a historic transformation that serves as both inspiration and a model for others to emulate.

Gunawardena further notes that China has been extending its assistance to countries across all continents, including collaboration with key Western nations. He recalls a time when these countries were hesitant to engage in deals with China, but acknowledges that the situation has since changed.

Despite ongoing debates, Gunawardena emphasizes that China continues to forge ahead on its development path, extending a helping hand to other countries in their pursuit of success. He underscores the significance of investment in achieving prosperity for nations.

The Prime Minister firmly establishes China’s role as a major contributor to the burgeoning global economy, emphasizing that the BRI provides a robust foundation that positively impacts the lives of billions of individuals worldwide.

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