Over 150 non-essential medicines to be bought under emergency purchases: Health Ministry

Dr. Saman Ratnayake, the Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Health, a total of 161 non-essential drugs are set to be acquired under this emergency purchase, Daily Mirror reported.

Dr. Ratnayake explained that the decision to use emergency purchases was driven by the urgency caused by shortages of these drugs. If the standard procurement process were followed, it could take up to seven months, exacerbating the shortage. To expedite the process, they chose the emergency purchase route, even though the drugs in question are considered non-essential.

The Ministry assured the public that all drugs will be procured from registered companies, and the tender procedure for this procurement is still under finalization.

Dr. Ratnayake also addressed concerns about drug quality, stating that the majority of the drugs will come from India, and they will ensure the drugs meet the necessary quality standards.

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