Don’t let gesture politics fool you – Minister Manusha

Labor and Foreign Employment Minister Mr. Manusha Nanayakkara today said that some politicians believe, women in this country can be easily deceived by posing for pictures with them and having a laugh and chat with them.

The Minister stressed that women should not be deceived by such gesture political tactics.

He also said women in this country are very intelligent and they should use such intelligence to help develop the country.

The Minister was speaking at the “Jayagamu Sri Lanka” People’s Mobile Service programme at Independence Avenue in Kegalle.

The Jayagamu Sri Lanka programme aims to bring various Government services to the people in their own areas of residence.

The programme will be held today (23rd) and tomorrow (24th) at the Independence Avenue in Kegalle.

The Minister addressing the gathering went on to say;

“Jayagamu Sri Lanka is coming to Kegalle today to serve the people without any party or colour differences. Our aim is to win this economic war and this effort aims to serve the people and empower them to realize this goal”

Some people think that our women can be fooled easily. They think they can build this country by smiling and taking photos with them. But they are not intelligent enough to realize that they cannot fool women by taking photographs with them or to solve the country’s problems. Actually, this issue can be won only by implementing the programme which is in operation today to rebuild the country.

Today, the basic problems of women are being solved. One of the main problems women had was their husbands using drugs. But today, cannabis, heroin and ice drugs are being seized everyday through the Yukthiya operation. The police are doing yeomen service in this regards. Therefore, a peaceful environment has been created in the houses today.

Otherwise, the problems in their homes will not be solved because thousands of women were brought for meeting and took photograps with them.

And as of today, the rupee is getting stronger. Also, I would like to say that the increased electricity bill will be reduced and the tariff will come back again to what it was before the month of October last year.

The change should start from our own home, within our own hearts. Therefore, we are saying at this time that all the workers in the country, like the expatriate workers, should be prepared to change to suit the modern world of work and join the system being implemented for that by Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Also, I promise the people of Kegalle today that we will establish an office of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment in your area at the earliest”.

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