Contempt of Court: Major Ajith Prasanna sentenced to 4 years rigorous imprisonment

Retired Major Ajith Prasanna was found guilty of contempt of court, and was sentenced to 4 years rigorous imprisonment with a fine of Rs. 300,000 by the Supreme Court.

In early 2020, he was arrested after the CID filed a complaint with the Colombo High Court citing Ajith Prasanna had committed contempt of court by criticizing in the presence of the media, the case filed against then Colombo High Court Judge Thilina Gamage and several cases examined by High Court Judge Gihan Kulatunga.

A case was filed against him by the Attorney General accusing him of making allegations against the judiciary.

He was granted bail in January 2021.

He was arrested along with the two Navy Officers, who had made statements regarding a youth abduction case at a media briefing organised by the ‘War Heroes for Motherland’ organization in December 2019.

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