An experience away from the usual: 05 Element Breathwork & Past Life Regression

Sisili Swastha Global Pvt. Ltd. aims to provide their clients with an experience away from the usual in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, they introduced the “05 Element Breathwork and Past Life Regression” retreat today at Jetwing Lagoon in Negombo. The inaugural seven-day program welcomed a group of 40 delegates from India seeking transformative wellness experiences.

This program is carried out in partnership with the Sangamaya Foundation in India – which has specialized in constructing the ancient practise of 05 Element Breathwork in the Himalayas. The founder and trained yogi, Mr. D.P. Mahesh, will train the delegates on harnessing one’s mind and body through meditative breathwork. These programs are geared to alleviate physical ailments, improve focus and self-awareness, stress management, emotional balance as well as enhanced mental health. The program will also feature one day at the scared Kataragama temple as well.

The Chief Guest of the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Ankuran Datta, Director of the Swamy Vivekananda Cultural Centre in Sri Lanka, was enthusiast about the potential health benefits associated with breathwork activities. He highlighted the regional appeal of these activities, and that wellness tourism is yet to be fully explored in Sri Lanka.

With many followers seeking out the positive energies observed in Sri Lanka, Sisili Swastha and Sadgamaya, looks forward to establishing an accredited wellness centre to host multiple retreats each year. They hope to attract people from not only India but from the Middle East, Europe and North America as well.

Sisil Swastha will focus on curating additional programs that will combine mindfulness and well-being with off the beaten path experiences to the curious traveller that is searching for the rejuvenation of their soul. Whilst many of these practices are ancient, Sisili Swastha hopes to rediscover these cultural and spiritual treasures from Sri Lanka; and make them available to the world once again.

Sisili Swastha is keen on making this journey inclusive and welcomes any interested party to get in touch via email – or telephone +94 76 366 3903 in order to curate and deliver such programs together!

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