UN Sri Lanka issues internal memo on gas explosions

Following the number of explosions related to domestic gas cylinders in Sri Lanka, the United Nations Sri Lankan office has issued an internal security advisory for its employees.

The internal memo titled ‘Gas leakage related explosions’ said,

“An increase has been observed in the number of explosions related to domestic gas cylinders in Sri Lanka in the last few weeks. The Sri Lanka’s Consumer Affairs Authority has stated that 12 samples from various areas were obtained in order to test the quality of gas and to find the reason behind such incidents.”

The UN Sri Lanka then provided some safety tips on the storage and use of domestic gas cylinders to avoid explosions.

• Always keep the LPG cylinders in a vertical position with the valve on top.
• LPG cylinders must be installed at ground level and never below ground level or in basements etc.
• LPG cylinders should never be used in a poorly ventilated room.
• If LPG cylinders are placed in cupboards, they should be provided with ventilation openings both at floor level and at the top level.
• Do not store LPG cylinders inside a kitchen other than the domestic cylinder in use, whether they are full or empty.
• Do not install cooking appliances on the floor or on wooden tables.
• Implement fire safety measures in/near the kitchen I.e. installation of smoke/gas leakage detector, heat detector and fire extinguisher (Chemical powder).
• In case you feel the gas smell, leave the area immediately and look for an open area.
• Keep your first aid kit updated.
• Know your emergency exit and assembly area in your building.
• In a restaurant, reserve your table in an open area or opt a table which Is located at a distance from the kitchen area.
• Emergency contact numbers (including Fire Department number) should be affixed to at least one door in the house/apartment.
• Immediately contact the fire department in case you observe any gas smell, smoke or fire: 110 or 0112422222-3 or Police Emergency Assistance:118 / 119,0112433333 /0112421111

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