Today this field is full of scams like this – Chathu Rajapaksha

Did you say that Chatu fell in love with dance since childhood?

I was born in Badulla and settled in Bibile, my mother’s village. Now I live in Piliyandala. My school was Bibile Mo/Nannapurawa Maha Vidyalaya. At school I was very good at dancing. I was given the name “Dancing Chathurika”. Even today, teachers at school talk about me.

Did your parents bless you to become an actress?

not. First my mother told me not to choose this profession. My mother said it was the reason. Looking at all the actresses from the same point of view because of something wrong done by some actress in this industry. That’s why I was told to go to another job and work. But when I saw my successful steps to take one by one, that reluctance gradually decreased. They later found out that this is where I belong. Today, I have made my father and mother very proud.

Are you an artist spread across many different profiles? What impressed you the most about this?

First I wanted to be a fashion designer. But I am not a ranked top model. But later I became an actress. Then I liked the actress chathu rajapaksha. After that, I became a news anchor. After that, everyone called me “Sirase News Chathu”. But the way people talk about her in the society is completely different when she says that she is a news person rather than an actress. There is acceptance. At that time, I wanted to talk about news. But recently, I am not an announcer. Today I am seen as an actress with good respect and recognition. In the role of Bandhana in the drama Bandhana.

Does chathu rajapaksha like to call you by your name today? For calling it Bandana?

Before the airing of Bandhana, a telenovela in which I acted was aired called Her, in which I acted as Ritu. In those days, everyone called me Ritu. Whether it is Ritu, Bandhana or Chathu, I am very happy because it is me.

Are animals trapped in characters today?

not. I have played various roles. Not only the girlfriend. Evil characters: A mother’s characters have also been done. I acted as a mother in the TV drama “Vasdudumana”. His youth has been made old by this too.

Are there any characters you’ve been dying to get yet? Do you play?

Yes, I would love to wear a cheetah gown and play a village character, but I have yet to get such a role. The western look that I have has characters similar to it. I am a girl born in the village. But despite the appearance of the city, I have shown something theatrical so far. So I would like to play a role of villager.

The largest number of TV dramas that Chathu has contributed so far have been created as mega long TV dramas, right? Do you think this is successful?

Some initially say that there are 100 parts. But due to various reasons it drags on. It will reduce the flavor of the story. People are getting bored of the actors and actresses and also getting bored of the channel. This means that if you start a tele drama and end it where it ends, the audience can leave a good memory and stop it, and time will be allocated for another good production.

Any invitations to movies these days?

V. Mr. Sivadasan himself has invited me for a movie. It is still under discussion. The movie “Girivasipura” in which I acted is going to be screened soon. I am a queen character in that movie. Played a role.

Among the movies you acted in, which movie was able to do something with acting?

I had something to do in “The Game”. Build a relationship with your boyfriend. I even got the chance to show off my dancing skills. The movie “The Game” made it possible to stay longer on the wide screen.

Are you looking forward to further progress as an actress?

That’s it for now. But I have started my own business. There is no embracing it because I want to be here. We must give space to others.

It’s good that Chathu is there

Are you an actress who asks directors if we don’t have character?

no way. What the directors and producers tell me is that I don’t talk to them personally. That’s why they forget me. Until today, I am not a person who asked for roles. They didn’t take me to designs because I was in design before friendship. No one in my family has ever been involved in

acting. I want to give this role to myself as per my ability. I didn’t get roles for any other reason except for my talent, so I’m happy with the journey I’ve taken.

Are you an actress who accepts all the new designs?

no way. I will not accept two or three designs. My desire is to do one and accept another. But if it is not a problem, I don’t like to work on one more design. I am not a problem girl. I have plenty of time to play. This Chatu is not a busy actress.

Aren’t most of the audience away from Li dramas today?

I also think that it is far away. There are many reasons for that. The actor who was there today will not be there tomorrow. An actor and an actress called Praveenayan do not see eye to eye. New actors are being created every day. So how does the audience stay with us?

There are not many designs today, right? Wasn’t it an art of habit?

No subscription today. To begin with, there is something called a script. When you go to the middle, it is not there either. The story comes when you go to act. Forget the beginning, forget the middle, forget the end. The actress who acted with us is also forgotten. In short, the characters are forgotten.

Isn’t it the new trend now that the princes and princesses of the year are the ones who play the main roles in tele dramas?

What happens is that with the New Year celebrations organized by the television company, the New Year princes and princesses are taken as characters in the telenovelas made by those channels. Kids who don’t know anything about acting. By coming to this, they are destroying not only themselves but also what is called art. It is a big crime, no matter what you do, you have to learn. By taking a few veteran actors and actresses and giving the main roles to the novices, the veterans are also insulted. Due to economic difficulties, experts may participate in this knowingly. What to do, everyone should live.

Is Chathu an actress beaten on money?

Yes. I have received money from the producers of three tele dramas in which I acted last year. Even today they are avoiding. The teleplay begins with a cast of veteran actors and actresses in hundreds of episodes. When I say, sister, this is a low budget. Why on earth, I ask, take such a cast and call it low budget. Are they all just acting? Today this field is full of scams like this. I bow down and ask the producers to collect some money and make a tele drama before they get paid by the channels. In the end, after keeping one’s own name, the mother and the child will have to listen to each other because of this kind of sloppy work.

Don’t you like the stage?

Not like that. It is correct to say that the stage is a university for an actor. Trying to contribute for a stage design. You have to spend more time and labor for that. The stage is really a stumbling block for acting to go a long way.

How about family information?

My husband is a businessman. His name is Darshan Di Costa. He met me not as a businessman. About a year after we got married, we started a business based on our own idea. As of today, both of us have reaped its successful results. I have an older sister and a younger brother.

Just like there is a story that a tree meets a tree in Moratuwa. You have the experience of such an incident in your acting career, right?

I met Mr. Anura Jayasekara who first introduced me to acting in 2016. After four years, we both get to act together in the tele drama “Gagana Piyawara”. Brother Anura congratulates me by saying that the girl I brought in this production is acting with me today as if it were fateful.

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