Supplementary Medical Professionals strike today

Healthcare professionals from various Supplementary Medical Services across the country have chosen to initiate a token 24-hour strike starting from 8 a.m. today (24). The Joint Force of Supplementary Medical Services, representing 7,000 officers from five distinct professional categories, has organized this action to address a range of urgent concerns outlined in their seven demands. These concerns include ongoing delays in revising recruitment procedures, issuing circulars related to grade promotions, and addressing other critical matters.

The strike will involve the participation of five key professional associations: Radiologic Technologists Professionals, Laboratory Scientist Professionals, Pharmacist Professionals, Physiotherapy Professionals, and Occupational Therapy Professionals. Notably, certain essential institutions such as cancer institutes, maternal and child hospitals, and the Central Blood Bank will be excluded from the strike. Officers at these establishments have voluntarily committed to providing uninterrupted services.

To ensure the maintenance of life-saving services during the strike in affected hospitals, a dedicated team of volunteers has been assembled. It’s important to note that trade unions emphasize that any interference with the voluntary service provided by officers will lead to their immediate removal from such duties.

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