Sri Lankan arrested in Australia for killing his wife

A 45-year-old Sri Lankan man has been arrested by the Australian police in connection with the murder of his wife, a mother of three children.

It is reported that the murder took place at his home in Melbourne, Australia.

It has been revealed that Nelomy Perera, a 44-year-old woman, has been murdered in this way.

When the woman was stabbed, her daughter came out of the house and knocked on the neighbor’s door for help, according to a nearby CCTV camera.

The investigation revealed that neighbors reported that the young daughter of the deceased woman came to them and said, “My mother is dead, my mother is dead.”

It is reported that the suspect also attacked his son and the son suffered a head injury and has now been taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that the deceased woman and her husband who committed the murder are currently living separately.

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