SL records lowest income from tourism on May

In May, Sri Lanka’s tourism sector generated a total income of USD131.5 million from 83,309 arrivals.

This figure represents the lowest monthly income recorded in 2023, as the industry has been gradually recovering since the last quarter of the previous year.

It marks a decline from the April income of US$166.5 million and the year-to-date high of US$198.1 million in March.

However, this slight decrease in May’s income is not a cause for significant concern, as it is typically considered the off-season for tourism.

Comparatively, in May 2022, Sri Lanka’s tourism income amounted to only US$43.5 million, reflecting a nadir for the industry due to social unrest and political instability, which resulted in a decrease in arrivals to 30,207.

Additionally, the significant depreciation of the Sri Lankan rupee by 80 percent last year has made the country a more affordable travel destination for tourists.

By the end of May, Sri Lanka had welcomed over half a million tourist arrivals, and tourism authorities anticipate hosting two million tourists by the end of the current year.

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