Sinharaja Hela Osu launches ‘Sinharaja Thailaya’

‘Sinharaja Hela Osu’, the iconic ‘Wellassa Weda Madura’ that combines Sri Lankan indigenous medicine with modern technology, launched ‘Sinharaja Thailaya’, the latest addition to their product portfolio at a ceremony held in Wellawaya recently.

The key highlight of the event was ‘Sinharaja Hela Osu’ Managing Director, Dilan Weerasekara symbolically presenting the new product to ayurwedic doctor Kumasarasingha Weerasekara.

Doctor Kumarasingha Weerasekara is a descendant of the Weerasekara family, a lineage of renowned ayurwedic physicians from Uva – Wellassa. ‘Sinharaja Thailaya’ is based on a traditional recipe passed down for generations and is made under the guidance of Doctor Weerasekara. The product is proven as an effective solution against arthritis, numbness, rheumatic diseases and numerous pains and aches.

‘Sinharaja Thailaya’ which is manufactured to highest international standards whilst preserving the authentic quality of traditional ayurwedic medicine, will be available to consumers across the country at super markets and normal gocery shops.

The launch ceremony was graced by the Ven. Incumbent thero of Kataragama Kiri Wehera, Ven. Incubent theros of Yudaganawa and Dematamal historical templs, Monaragala Divisional Secretary and many other distinguished guests.

‘Sinharaja Hela Osu Pvt Ltd’ is a proud, 100% local company engaged in yeoman service to the community in the area by creating many employment opportunities for them. The company is in the process of introducing a wide range of quality products which include Kesha Sinha Hair Oil, more cosmetic products and incense sticks to the consumers.      

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