SC granted Leave to Proceed against IGP declaring Police Curfew on 9 July 2022

A bench comprise of Justice Padman Surasena, Shiran Goonaratne and Mahinda Samayawardena granted leave to proceed in two matters filed challenging the imposing of Police Curfew on 9 July 2022 in the western province preventing protestors arriving in Colombo.

The Court granted leave to proceed under Article 12(1) – right of equality; 14(1)(a) – freedom of speech and expression; 14(1)(b) freedom of peaceful assembly; 14(1)(c) freedom of association; 14(1)(h) freedom of movement.

Lawyer Thishya Weragoda with lawyers Prathap Welikumbura, Dilan Nalaka, Yasanga Senadheera and Chamodi Wijeweera appeared appeared for the Petitioners in SC/FR/269/2022

Lawyers Hijaz Hisbullah and Shiffan Maharoof appeared for the Petitioner in SC/FR/270/2022

The matter was fixed for Argument onc

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