Renowned Hotelier Adrian Zecha to Lead Transformation of Hunas Falls Hotel in Sri Lanka

Visionary hotelier Adrian Zecha to spearhead revitalization of Hunas Falls hotel under TAD Group Hunas Falls (Pvt) Ltd., announces Minister of Investment Promotion Dilum Amunugama.

In a groundbreaking development, Adrian Zecha, an eminent figure in the world of hospitality, has been enlisted to orchestrate the renovation and rejuvenation of the iconic Hunas Falls hotel in Sri Lanka, as proclaimed today by Minister Dilum Amunugama. With an illustrious career, Zecha’s influence on the hospitality landscape has earned him global recognition, earning him the coveted title of “Hotelier of the Century” by Forbes Magazine.

Minister Amunugama took to social media platform Facebook to convey his delight in facilitating Adrian Zecha’s collaboration with TAD Group Hunas Falls (Pvt) Ltd., aimed at elevating the hotel to contemporary standards of luxury and comfort. The partnership signifies a melding of Zecha’s unparalleled expertise with the hotel’s potential for excellence.

The financial injection into this transformation is estimated at a substantial $12 million, a testament to the commitment to create an exceptional destination that caters to the discerning tastes of travelers from around the world. However, it is the intangible wealth of knowledge and know-how that Adrian Zecha brings to the table that is most cherished. His decades of experience promise to infuse the project with a level of insight that money cannot buy.

The Hunas Falls hotel, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Sri Lanka, is poised to undergo a remarkable metamorphosis, guided by the masterful touch of Adrian Zecha. As the endeavor unfolds, all eyes are on the harmonious blend of innovation and tradition that is set to redefine the hospitality experience.

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