PM and President only speaks of what the country lacks – Sajith

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa questions the purpose of a government if state sector workers are granted holidays periodically.

The MP said it would not be surprising if the government informs state workers to engage in home garden cultivations during all five working days.

MP Premadasa said those accused in the Pandora Papers should be brought to book while the funds in such accounts should be confiscated.

He charged that the government brought ruin upon the agriculture industry and are today requesting the public to contribute to uplift the agriculture industry.

Premadasa said there are no shortages of fuel, gas, food, and US dollars for those in mansions.

MP Premadasa also stated that the opposition is not at fault for the present economic crisis.

He said the President and Prime Minister daily report of things that the country lacks and questioned the purpose of their appointments.

MP Premadasa questioned as to why the funds in offshore accounts cannot be seized and used to reverse Sri Lanka’s current status.

He urged the government to refrain from displaying their inabilities adding that the public is under immense pressure.

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