Patient died at NIMH following alleged beating of minor staff

A patient’s death at National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has raised concerns as it allegedly resulted from an assault by minor staff.

Accordingly, a 45-year-old patient from Watareka, who was reportedly suffering from bipolar disorder, was admitted to Ward 08 of the NIMH on July 20th.

Unfortunately, earlier this week, the patient succumbed to injuries sustained during an alleged incident where a particular group of ward staff was attempting to restrain him. The post-mortem conducted subsequently revealed that the deceased had suffered extensive multiple contusions, leading to internal bleeding, as a result of the assault.

However, the hospital administration declined to provide any comments to the media, citing a Circular issued by the Health Ministry Secretary that restricts them from making statements on such matters.

Meanwhile, the family of the deceased has lodged a complaint with the Mulleriyawa Police, accusing the hospital of trying to cover up the patient’s death.

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