No more caste-basee electoral wards in SL?

The Delimitation Commission has turned down many requests to continue caste-based demarcations of electoral wards of the local authorities, Chairman of the commission Mahinda Deshapriya said.

Deshapriya told Daily Mirror that the delimitation of electoral wards of the local authorities- Municipal Councils, Urban Councils and Pradeshiya Sabhas- is in progress and the current number of them will be reduced from 5,092 to 2,800- 2,900.

With that, the number of representatives would be reduced from 8,800 to 4,800 as well.

He said that some electoral wards of local authorities have been created based on the caste identity of people in the area.

Although there are requests to continue to caste based electoral wards, the commission turned such requests down, he said.

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