No decision on local debt restructuring programme yet: Shehan Semasinghe

State Minister Shehan Semasinghe today said the government has not made a final decision on the local debt restructuring programme.

Minister Semasinghe further emphasized the sensitivity surrounding the optimization of domestic debt and assured that the government is approaching this issue with utmost responsibility.

Minister Shehan Semasinghe reaffirmed the government’s dedication to achieving improved optimization in order to uphold the stability of Sri Lanka’s banking and financial system. His remarks were made in line with the conference’s theme, ‘Collective path to a stable country’.

Expressing his views, Semasinghe further said;

“No final decision has been made yet on the domestic debt optimization program. However, as a government, we always approach sensitive issues responsibly.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe also addressed the matter of domestic debt optimization in Parliament. The Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance have provided clarifications on their stance. Our
focus is on finding solutions for optimizing the banking and financial system of our country without negatively impacting stability, which is crucial. Consequently, various information and announcements are being released within the country.

Once the government reaches a final decision, we are prepared to inform both the parliament and the public. This is an extremely sensitive matter that significantly influences the market situation.”

Therefore, it is vital that we refrain from making statements that create doubts
regarding this optimization, as it helps maintain stability in our financial market Semasinghe said.

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