Nimal Siripala lies about problems SriLankan Airlines: Dayasiri alleges

Parliamentarian Dayasiri Jayasekara accused Civil Aviation Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva of attempting to conceal the actual problem within SriLankan Airlines. According to Jayasekara, 13 flights were canceled between 18 and 22 June, and there is a shortage of pilots for 80 flights.

During the parliamentary sittinga today, Jayasekara informed the members that affected passengers who had booked flights were provided accommodation in nearby hotels, incurring potentially significant expenses.

Jayasekara alleged that the Minister was deliberately diverting attention away from the genuine issue at SriLankan Airlines and trying to create a situation that would facilitate the airline’s sale.

He further stated that the pilots were demanding payment for their work during the Covid-19 period, highlighting that nearly 50 percent of the pilots had continued to work despite flight operations being grounded.

Additionally, the MP emphasized the significant inconveniences faced by people, as vehicles transporting passengers were not allowed to enter the airport premises. Consequently, passengers had to transport their luggage along the road to reach the passenger lounge.

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