Meningococcal infected patient found in Colombo

A patient infected with meningococcal bacteria, which lead to the death of several inmates of Galle prison, has been identified in Colombo District.

According to the sources the 49-year-old, a resident of Ja- Ela area has been employed in Rathmalana MOH area.

The person has been initially admitted to the KDU Hospital due to a fever.

Ratmalana MOH Mr. J. M. Gunathilaka said that several tests were conducted there and the patient was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital for further treatment.

He also mentioned that about 30 associates were examined and treated at the place where this person worked.

Meanwhile, speaking to the media, Government medical officer Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa stated that even identifying one person infected with the bacteria is a very important matter.

“We are requesting the Directors of Health Services in Western Province and Southern Province to inform the general public regarding the measures taken to control the spread of Meningitis and also to prepare a proper program to eliminate  the unnecessary fear that may arise in parents, as the schools are starting within next few days.

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