King Charles and Camilla attacked with eggs by man shouting ‘UK built on blood of slaves’

A man has been detained by police after appearing to throw eggs at King Charles during a walkabout in York today. Accompanied by Queen Camilla, the monarch was speaking with some of the fans lined in the street ahead of his much-anticipated engagement at York Minster when a protester seemingly attempted to hit the sovereign and his wife by pelting them with four eggs – some of which landed within a foot of the King.

He was also heard shouting: “This country was built on the blood of slaves”. 

As the eggs landed, a suited protection officer positioned himself next to Charles and briefly held his shoulder.

Several police officers quickly restrained the man believed to have thrown the eggs and bundled him to the ground while onlookers and royal fans expressed their sympathy to Charles.

Some were heard screaming “shame on you” at the protester while others cheered on the sovereign by chanting “God save the King”. 

Charles and Camilla, who were not hit by the protester, kept their calm and, seemingly unflustered, continued their walkabout accompanied by city dignitaries.  


A lone protester tried to throw an egg at King Charles (Image: PA/CHRIS SHIP/TWITTER)

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