I’ve always worked to benefit of the country – Manusha

Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, Manusha Nanayakkara, stated that he has always prioritized the progress of the country over political interests. He emphasized that he has found the right place to contribute to the development and success of the nation.

Reflecting on the opportunity to become the youngest Minister of Labour in Sri Lanka, he attributed it to his unwavering dedication to the country’s advancement. The Minister encouraged every citizen to work with a sense of commitment towards enhancing the nation.

The Minister expressed these views today (01) during the inaugural program of the establishment of the Smart Youth Club at Salgadu Ground in Anuradhapura. The event was organized by the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment under the Jayagamu Sri Lanka program.

Speaking further on the occasion, the Minister said, “Did you ever imagine that we could build something like this when oil, electricity, milk powder, and medicine were scarce? However, we proved that we are capable of achieving the unthinkable. We worked tirelessly for it, reaching a point where today we have built up a reserve of $4.4 billion,” he added.

He emphasized the importance of unwavering dedication for success in life. “In physics, a principle suggests that an airplane must have wings proportionate to its body length to take off. However, observing a bumblebee raises curiosity about how such a small-winged creature can lift its body. The bumblebee achieves this by rapidly flapping its wings, driven by the instinct to survive,” he explained.

The Minister urged the youth to take the bumblebee as a good example and work diligently to succeed in life. He highlighted that out-of-the-box thinking is essential to propel the nation to success. The youth should break free from traditional ways of thinking to find innovative solutions for addressing long-lasting issues in the country.

“When we count from twenty to thirty, we commonly mention only ten numbers, but in reality, there are 11 numbers if we include zero. Overlooking zero hinders our progress. Recognizing and starting from zero allows for smoother and more comprehensive advancement.”

He said that Sri Lankans have been misled by various parties for their benefit, and a majority of the public easily follows any trend without examining the hidden intentions behind those trends.

The Minister mentioned that the President advised him to promote the importance of becoming skilled citizens among the youth, and necessary financial support to enhance skills among the youth will be provided under the President’s Fund. He also noted that 10,000 youths across the country will be selected for this job-oriented training.

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