“I don’t need excuses”, President tells public officials

President Ranil Wickremesinghe has emphasized that it is the responsibility of public officials to provide maximum public service without conflicts between public institutions and public officials and should never give reasons for not performing their duties.

During the District Development meeting held in Badulla District Secretariat this morning (Dec.15), the President mentioned that government officials should use the law as a shield to serve the people and not the companies.

“A scientific report should be obtained before removing the pine trees from these areas. During the rule of the English in this country, tea was cultivated while pine trees were also there. Therefore, don’t fall for the wrong ideas.”

“Before removing the pine trees, it is necessary to scientifically investigate if they would have an impact on the catchment areas. Why do you want to uproot the pine cultivation and opt for turpentine cultivation it will have an impact on the catchment areas”, said the president.

Further, President Wickremesinghe pointed out that the government officials should act efficiently.

“I don’t need excuses. There is no way that there could be problems between the government departments. As a government, everyone should come together and serve the people”, he added.

Speaking further, the president expressed that, the shortage of teachers was highlighted when discussing the educational problems in the Badulla area, mentioning that the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Council should discuss and take a decision not to transfer teachers until five years after their appointment, since it is noted that a year or two after the appointment of teachers, they get transfers.

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