Gas cylinder explosions: Gvt Analyst refuses reports on gas composition

The Government Analyst’s Department today (25) denied reports that an alteration to the gas composition had caused recent chain of gas cylinder explosions.

The most recent explosion occurred this morning (25) at a house in Pannipitiya.

The national daily newspaper carried a news on its front page with the title ‘Gvt Analyst’s Report Confirms Gas Explosions due to Composition Change’

In a statement, the Government Analyst’s Department said that the report is completely false.

“Our report only revealed that the explosion occurred in a restaurant at Racecourse Stadium in Colombo 7 happened due to a gas leakage and electrical leak at the same time,” the statement said.

Confusions have been arisen among the public due to recent chain of gas cylinder explosions reported Island wide recently.

Former Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) Executive Director Thushan Gunawardena in an online interview recently, alleged that From April, due to unknown reasons, the gas composition in a cylinder was changed by both Litro and Laugfs without approval from the SLSI to 50:50 of Butane and Propane respectively from Butane 80: Propane 20; which is said to be the reason for the complaints received that the valves of some cylinders were leaking.

He had told the media he is confident that he is confident that all these explosions were due to the change of gas composition.

Meanwhile, the Litro gas company denied the reports regarding changing gas composition.

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