Fake Chinese businessman: Port City Commission issues clarification

The Colombo Port City Economic Commission has released a statement to address recent media coverage regarding a robbery incident involving a Chinese national at a residence in Lake Drive, Borella.

The Commission has strongly denied any suggestions that the individuals implicated in the incident have any ties to, employment with, or investment within the Colombo Port City. It emphasized that any attempt to link this criminal event to activities within the Port City lacks substantiation and should be dismissed.

Urging caution and responsibility, the Commission appealed to the media, the public, and all stakeholders to refrain from spreading unverified information related to such incidents, as it can negatively impact the Colombo Port City project’s reputation and credibility. It assured that it is collaborating with authorities to ensure the safety and security of everyone associated with the project.

The context behind this clarification is a case where a Chinese national, claiming to be connected to the Colombo Port City, staged a robbery at his rented residence in Borella. The investigation uncovered that the robbery was a ruse to conceal losses incurred through gambling at casinos. Furthermore, it was revealed that the individual and a group of other Chinese nationals were involved in online pyramid schemes in Sri Lanka.

Law enforcement has arrested the suspect, his interpreter, and two others in connection with the fabricated robbery. Meanwhile, 15 other Chinese nationals involved in the pyramid scheme have fled the scene. The investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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