ESOL Premier Campus Becomes First Authorized Agent to Launch Linguaskill in Sri Lanka Through Collaboration with Cambridge University Press & Assessment

ESOL Premier Campus, the Higher Education division of ESOL College, has launched Linguaskill in Sri Lanka for the 1st time, in partnership with Cambridge University Press & Assessment. Linguaskill is a quick and convenient online test to help organizations check the English language skills of individuals and or groups of candidates, powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. It tests all four language skills – speaking, writing, reading and listening – in modules.

This makes ESOL Premier Campus the first authorized agent to offer this programme in Sri Lanka, and is part of the Campus’ efforts to build a strong presence within Sri Lanka’s corporate sector. ESOL Premier Campus also offers various other programmes, all the way from the Certificate-level up to Degree level in English Language, including Diplomas and Higher Diplomas, to inspire and equip the younger generation with the English language proficiency and skills they need to excel in their careers.

The official launch of Linguaskill in Sri Lanka was attended by various senior officials from ESOL and Linguaskill, including Kevin Coyne, the Key Accounts Manager for South Asia at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, UK, who discussed the partnership between ESOL College, ESOL Premier Campus, and Cambridge Assessment English at length, and expressed confidence in the quality of education provided by ESOL. Ian Cowley, Product Manager at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, UK, was also present and gave key insights into how English language can help career development in the current job market and how Linguaskill will enhance learners’ skills.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Himantha Karunarathne,CEO at ESOL Premier Campus said, “The launch of Linguaskill is significant as it will help learners to develop their English language skills and will be beneficial for the corporate sector to enhance the English proficiency of their staff members. It will also be a useful tool for any organization that wishes to quickly understand the English language skills of potential talent.”

“English language proficiency is a key attribute that contributes towards employability of people,” added Andrew Abinash, General Manager at ESOL Premier Campus, “particularly as the world becomes more interconnected, and Sri Lanka becomes increasingly outward-facing. Therefore, the introduction of Linguaskill will help to quickly, easily and economically assess this skill, seamlessly, for both employers and potential employees.”

Ama Ranaweera, Manager – Higher Education at ESOL too addressed the gathering during the launch, and explained the significance of ESOL Premier Campus introducing Linguaskill to Sri Lanka. She also discussed ESOL’s plans to offer multiple Cambridge English qualifications and introduce programmes catering to the specific demands of the corporate sector, in order to promote English language proficiency, which improves employability.

Established in 2022, under the leadership of founders Amali Jayasinghe and Himantha Karunarathne, both accomplished educators and academics, ESOL Premier Campus specializes as a language facilitator focused on teaching English to young adults, adults, and professionals. ESOL Premier Campus plans to expand its student alumni by offering its courses to a wider audience across the country, including to rural communities. With the launch of Linguaskill, ESOL Premier Campus is taking a significant step in fulfilling its vision of making quality education accessible to all.

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