Electricity supply for Mihintale disconnected

The Mihintale experienced a disruption in its electricity supply last morning due to the accumulation of unpaid arrears.

Chief Incumbent of Mihintale Rajamaha Vihara, Ven. Walawahengunawewe Dhammarathana Thera, expressed his belief that the disconnection was a result of political victimization, attributing it to his firm stance on certain matters.

Ven. Dhammarathana Thera expressed concerns about the impact of the power cut, particularly because of the ongoing massive development project at the Minintale.

With the electricity supply disconnected, important areas such as the shrine rooms, police post, and archaeological sites in the vicinity would be left in darkness. He urged the government to take immediate measures to safeguard the archaeological site in the event of power disruption. Additionally, the resident monks of the temple would face difficulties as they would be left without water due to the electricity cutoff.

The Chief Incumbent disputed the claim by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) that the temple owed Rs. 4.1 million in arrears, stating that they were not in a position to pay such a substantial amount. Instead, he proposed that separate meters be installed for the living quarters of the monks, which could be paid for individually.

On the other hand, Anuradhapura CEB Regional Engineer, J.M.F. Jayawardene, clarified that the Mihintale temple had indeed accrued arrears in electricity bills amounting to Rs. 4.1 million since 2022. The Chief Incumbent had been previously requested to settle this outstanding amount. Despite prior notices, the CEB had to carry out the disconnection of the power supply at 11.00 pm yesterday.

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