Dutch delegation to visit SL for stolen cultural artefact transfer

A group representing Dutch Government, led by Gunay Uslu, the State Secretary for Culture and Media in the Netherlands, is scheduled to visit Sri Lanka from August 27 to 31.

Their purpose is to finalize the transfer of ownership of culturally significant items, which include the renowned Lewke’s cannon, two Gold kastanes (ceremonial swords), a Singalese knife, a Silver kastane, and two guns, all of which belong to Sri Lanka. These items are slated to be returned to Sri Lanka later this year, as confirmed by the Netherlands Embassy in Colombo.

During the visit, Uslu is expected to hold meetings with senior officials from the Sri Lankan government, highlighting the historical importance of this event. The formal transfer of ownership is set to take place at the Ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs of Sri Lanka on August 28, 2023. Additionally, the delegation intends to visit various sites in Sri Lanka that hold religious and Dutch historical significance.

Furthermore, the State Secretary will deliver a public lecture on August 29 at 4 pm. The lecture is scheduled to be held at the Auditorium of the Department of National Archives of Sri Lanka.

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