Diana’s citizenship: fresh hearing would be commenced

The Court of Appeal has decided to schedule a hearing for the writ petition concerning Diana Gamage’s citizenship issue before a three-judge bench.

This decision comes after a split verdict was delivered by a two-judge bench, consisting of Justice (President) Nissanka Bandula Karunaratne and Justice M.A.R. Marikkar.

The petitioner, social activist Oshala Herath, seeks a Writ of Quo Warranto to declare that Diana Gamage, the State Minister of Tourism, is ineligible to be a Member of Parliament due to her British citizenship. The order would imply that she is not entitled to hold office as an MP.

During the proceedings, Counsel Hafeel Farisz, alongside Nishika Fonseka, appeared on behalf of the petitioner, while President’s Counsel Shavindra Fernando represented Diana Gamage. As the split verdict resulted in an unresolved decision, the matter will now be reviewed and concluded by the three-judge bench at a later date.

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