Court orders to exhume root of Crudia zylanica tree

The Gampaha Additional Magistrate, Fathima Zahana, has issued a significant order to officials involved in the Central Expressway construction.

The order entails the exhumation of the buried root of the highly disputed Crudia zeylanica tree. This decision came after the Chairman of the Organization to Protect Archeological Artifacts, Ven. Udasgiriya Samitha Thero, made a formal request to the Gampaha Magistrate’s Court for the exhumation of this endemic tree, which was allegedly buried during the construction process.

The court has scheduled the case’s recall on 24 August, following the initial consideration on 24 July. In the interim, the forest officers have been directed to conduct the exhumation of the tree’s root. To ensure proper identification and handling, the root will be examined by an official from the botanical gardens before being transferred to a suitable location for conservation.

Moreover, on a previous occasion, the Additional Magistrate had taken steps to secure the area where the tree was reportedly buried and demanded information concerning the exact location of the plant’s burial site. These measures demonstrate the court’s dedication to resolving the controversy surrounding the Crudia zeylanica tree and preserving its cultural and ecological significance.

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