CINEC launches innovation and invention state of art exhibition Edu EXPO 23

CINEC Campus inspired, energized, enriched and motivated by 33 years of excellence in higher education in most diversified fields has decided to launch and stage an exhibition of global standard in innovations and inventions. The main aim of this CINEC initiative is to offer an opportunity to students of CINEC to display their skills beyond subject knowledge, creative expressions, research ability, qualitative productivity and positive reinforcements that are sensitive to sustainability, befitting future global advancements. Given the unique diversity of the CINEC Campus, housing multiple faculties of Maritime Science, Maritime Engineering, Engineering and Technology, Management and Social Sciences, Education and Humanities, Health Science and Departments of ICT, Air Craft Maintenance Engineering and Industrial Engineering is today considered the most accomplished, proficient and experienced institution in Sri Lanka to organize such an exhibition of this magnitude and scale  reaching international standards to meet national, cooperate, industrial and social interests, expectations and challenges.

On these three days exhibition will provide an ideal opportunity to the youth of this country to understand futuristic education demands in their long periods of learning curves that will determine their future engagements reaching desired career goals. The exhibits prepared exclusively by students of CINEC will provide a rare opportunity of firsthand practical experience in multitudes of higher education disciplines and industry marvels focusing on latest global developments. Most of the creations by students will be unique to CINEC and some are being done for the first time in Sri Lanka. The unprecedented opportunity to gather knowledge, skills and experience by engaging with this unique CINEC exhibition will stimulate and arouse imagination that would set the stage to encourage young visitors to leap forward to achieve greater heights to help the mankind and develop Sri Lanka and the World, at large.

Following are broad areas of exhibition that would be covered by each faculty and department. Faculty of Health Sciences – Anatomy Stall, Disease Stall, ENT Stall, Parasitology, Herbal Drug Manufacturing Stall, Mental Health Stall, Nursing Stall, Cosmetics Stall, Microbiology Stall, Hematology, Molecular and Genetics Exhibition Stall, Healthy Food Stall, Chemistry Stall. Faculty of Engineering and Technology, and Department of IT – Civil Engineering – “Building Beyond Boundaries”, Electrical & Electronic Engineering – “The Circuit City”, Information & Technology – “The Cyber World”, mathematics – “The Mathematriks”, Mechanical & Automotive Engineering – “The Grease Lab”. Faculty of Management and Social Sciences – Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Banking, Finance, Accounting, Logistics Management, Supply Chan Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Business Industrial Maths. Faculty of Humanities and Education – Literary Era Timeline – Tour, Awareness Programme, Games, Art Gallery. Faculty of Marine Engineering – Shell And Tube Type Boiler Model, Representation Model of Sea Limits, Cargo Operations, Model Pumps, Support Vessel, Ram Type Steering Model, Deck Crane Model, Navigational Light System. Faculty of Maritime Sciences – Panama Canal, Falkirk Wheel. Department of Safety and Survival – Fire Training, Emergency Water Survival, First Aid Training, Boat Engine Cut Model. Department of Aviation / Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – Airbus A320( Scale Model) Emergency Power Generation Using Ram Air Turbine, Wind Tunnel Aerodynamic Test, Rolls Royce Trent 1000 3D Printed Jet Engine, F35 Fighter Jet R/C Model (Air show). All students of CINEC Campus along with its staff and senior management invite all youth of Sri Lanka, government officials, cooperate sector and industries to visit CINEC Campus with their parents and well-wishers, and enjoy a lifetime experience on 27th, 28th and 29th July 2023 at Malabe 8.30 am to 7.00 pm on all 3 days.

Image Caption – CINEC officials addressing the press conference

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