Central Expressway Kurunegala stretch earns nearly Rs. 110 million

Highways Minister Johnston Fernando yesterday said that an income of over Rs 100 million had been recorded as above 500,000 vehicles using the sat the Ethugalpura entrance road during the first month of its opening.

The Minister told the media that over 500,000 vehicles have used the central expressways’ second phase from Mirigama to Kurunegala since its opening on Jan 15, this year.

The expressway’s new section was kept open free of charge for the first 12 hours of its opening. Collecting toll started after noon of Jan 16. During the period from Jan 16, 2022 to Feb 21, 2022, the road had been used by 510,670 vehicles and an income of Rs 109,659,600 has been earned, the Minister said.

Toll collecting Interchanges of the second phase of the Central Expressway have been set up at Mirigama, Nakalagamuwa, Dhambokka, Kurunegala and Yagghapitiya

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