Attack on Ragama Med Faculty students: Arundika’s son arrested

State Minister Arundhika Fernando’s son Achnda arrested after he surrendered to the Police over his involvement in the assault on Ragama Medical Faculty students yesterday (2) morning.

A group of outsiders had forced their way into the men’s hostel at Kelaniya University’s Faculty of Medicine around 3 a.m. yesterday (2), and attacked the undergraduates.

According to them, around 15 people had arrived in two vehicles and carried out the attack.

Police said, four undergrads who had sustained injuries were taken to the Colombo North Teaching Hospital in Ragama. One was later transferred to the Negombo Hospital for further treatment.

The 15 suspects apparently had escaped after the incident. The undergrads caught one of them while he was attempting to drive away in a vehicle allegedly belonging to the Coconut Development Authority.

An Identity Card was found inside the vehicle, apparently belonging to a driver of State Minister Arundika Fernando’s personal staff who was employed since 2018.

However, the Police Department indicated that they were investigating into reports that a group of supporters of a State Minister were involved in the attack.

Police also revealed that a car belonging to the Coconut Development Board as well as its driver has been detained.

Speaking to the media, State Minister Fernando denied any involvement in the incident adding that he was not aware of such an incident.

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