Alleged verbal abuse: Diana says she’d give Madduma Bandara a saree

State Minister Diana Gamage today leveled accusations against SJB MP Ranjith Madduma Bandara, alleging verbal abuse.

“Madduma Bandara referred to me in derogatory terms within the parliamentary setting. Such language constitutes a form of verbal sexual abuse, and it’s an affront to all women in our nation, comprising 52 percent of the population. Women play a significant role in electing our MPs, and these representatives should not demean them. I firmly believe Madduma Bandara should face the privilege committee and receive appropriate sanctions,” Gamage asserted.

She continued, “There seem to be a few individuals in the Opposition, like the Bandara mentioned, who bear grudges against me. It’s essential to note that gender doesn’t determine one’s ability to perform effectively. I’d be more than willing to lend Madduma Bandara one of my sarees, allowing him to experience a woman’s role. Conversely, I could try wearing one of his trousers and take on a man’s responsibilities.”

In conclusion, she warned, “If Madduma Bandara persists in insulting me or any female MP, he can expect a strong response from me.”

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