23 Megawatts procured from Matara Ace power plant to alleviate electricity crisis

In a bid to counter the prevailing electricity crisis, the Ceylon Electricity Board has announced its decision to purchase electricity from the Matara Ace Power private plant. This move is anticipated to alleviate the strain on the national grid by injecting an additional 23 MW of power. The emergency purchase aims to ensure a stable electricity supply in the Southern Province, where maintaining the power system has become a challenge.

The Electricity Board’s proactive approach emphasizes the importance of securing an uninterrupted power supply. Negotiations have also commenced to potentially acquire electricity from the Embilipitiya Ace Power Plant, highlighting the board’s commitment to finding sustainable solutions to the ongoing crisis.

Today (23), the Ceylon Electricity Board confirmed that electricity generation is limited to the Samanalaweva Reservoir due to water scarcity. The reservoir’s water level stands at only 0.7 meters, impacting generator operation.

Additionally, the board announced that the launch of the new Polpitiya – Hambantota 220 kW high-power transmission line, crucial for supplying electricity to the southern region, is scheduled for tomorrow (24).

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